Emerito 5.8 Capper Machine

  • Types Of Closure

    Twist-Off & PT

  • Lids

    Diameter: From TO27 to TO110
    Height: Up to 18 mm (DTO)

  • Containers

    Diameter: From 30 mm to 160 mm (gallon)
    Height: From 40 mm to 260 mm

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High quality at high speed.

Capping machine for glass bottles with TWIST-OFF and PT type closing system. Also PET bottles with Twist Off lid depending on the quality and rigidity of the bottle.

The Emerito 5.8 capper is equipped for the perfect closure of all formats commonly used in food processing, without the need for additional tools or utensils.

Our capper includes as standard the intelligent, fully automatic container format changeover, which precisely adjusts the container height, width and relative position of the side belts according to the height and shape of the format to be closed.

Change-over time between containers of maximum difference: 70 seconds.

Standard Components

• Automatic lid feeder by magnetic column.
• Lid positioner by mechanical selector.
• Lid presence‐absence detector in the feeder.
• Easy system for caps removal in hopper.
• Minimum level signal of caps in hopper.
• Universal caps drop, valid for all caps sizes.
• Exclusive “pre‐lid screw‐on control” system in the presealing assembly.
• Fitting for steam inlet to pre‐heat the lids and facilitate the safety vacuum.
• Liquid recovery tray (cooling water, overflows, etc.).
• High‐end motorised headstock for changing format height.
• Dynamic elements synchronized with inverters.
• Independent and centralised controller.
• Lateral belts regulation from central steering wheel.
• Adjustable height from control panel.
• Side pressure bands for container transport.



For feeding the containers to the packaging lines, as well as for accumulating.


For container transport, with double belt.


For preheating the lids and for injecting steam into the equipment,

lo cual facilita la creación del vacío de seguridad.


Lateral traction for container transport, with double belt.

Connection to supply and/or storage plate.

Steam management system for preheating the lids and injecting steam into the equipment, which facilitates the creation of the safety vacuum.