The world's most versatile equipment in its production range

The world’s most versatile equipment in its production range

Closing machine for glass bottles with TWIST-OFF and PT type closing system. Also PET bottles with Twist off lid depending on the quality and rigidity of the bottle.

This capper machine is equipped to close a the whole range of formats (bottles, jars, flasks, etc.) without the need to incorporate additional tools or accessories. It has independent external adjustment points for each element involved in the closing process, all of which can be easily adjusted. Unlike the 1.8 model, this G version, due to the extension of its upper frame and its raft of lids, allows us to cover all the packaging formats on the market from mini-doses to gallon containers, making this machine, within its category, the most versatile machine on the market.

This model of capping machine includes motorised adjustment of different container heights as standard and is capable of capping up to a maximum of approximately 70 jars per minute.

An alternative version, the EMERITO 1.8 ACT G, is available, specifically designed for closing jars impregnated with oil or similar substances. This version can close up to a maximum of approximately 50 jars per minute.

Options: Steam injection for vacuum and extraction of excess steam.

Maximum production of 4.800 units/hour (Ref. lid diameter 38)



From diameter TO38 to TO110, and height from 5 mm to 18 mm (DTO)


From 40gr to gallon


By means of mechanical adjustments. No alternative tooling required


  • Automatic cap feeding hopper.
  • Cap presence – absence detectors in the feeder.
  • Exclusive “cap pre-curling control” system on the pre-closing assembly.
  • Liquid collection tray (cooling water, spillage, etc.).
  • Dynamic elements synchronised by means of frequency variators.
  • Centralised electric control panel.
  • Motorised regulation for change of format height.
  • Speed variator with potentiometer controlled from the control panel.


Steam supply system for preheating the lids and injecting steam into the equipment, which facilitates the creation of the safety vacuum

Side drive for container transport, double belt drive

Rotary buffer plate for container infeed

Emerito 1.8 Capper


70 pcs/minute



Types of closing

Twist off & PT

Emerito 1.8 ACT G Capper


50 pcs/minute



Types of closing

Twist off & PT

Versions and accessories

Steam injection + extraction (optional). ACT system for containers with oil or slippery substances on the outside (optional).

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